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Transport is one of the mayor challenges for the future …..

and the people in charge need to be aware of its importance for a sustainable social-economic and ecological urban and regional development.

With the educational branch CAMPUS, EURIST has made Education in the field of sustainable Transport one of our core working areas. Our goal is to substantially influence the educational approach in the field of sustainable Transport teaching and capacity building worldwide.

At the moment high-level education on transport is generally putting a strong emphasis on a technological approach, aiming to improve mobility by introducing technological milestones like new combustibles, new types of engines and new transport means. In addition there is still a strong believe in transport – especially road-based infrastructure as the key solution for current capacity problems and traffic jams.

We are convinced that a purely technological and infrastructure oriented approach is reaching too short and does not reflect important instruments like changes in travel behaviour towards low cost and low carbon mobility lifestyles!

There are too many cities and regions which are just not ready to apply high-tech solutions. Many of them need to find solutions for levels of sustained rapid growth, that no industrialized country has ever experienced.

If the aim is to achieve liveable cities around the globe, with low carbon transport and logistics as well as accessibility for all parts of the society – old recipes are not going to do the job!

The key questions are:

What are holistic long-term policies and the tools in order to change traditional Mobility systems and Urban Development Paradigms?

How can we effectively integrate Transport planning and Urban development, providing tailormade strategies, including measures for an intelligent combination of adapted technological and non- technological measures ?

EURIST Campus is looking to initiate a multidimensional knowledge-exchange between industrialized, transition and developing regions – to the benefit of all!